Osteopathic Continuous Certification

OCC Began January 1, 2013 for all time-dated board certified orthopedic surgeons.  Participation in OCC is mandated by the American Osteopathic Association.

Visit the Physician Portal to check your standing for each OCC Component and to obtain a CME report. 

Through the following components, board-certified physicians maintain Osteopathic Continuous Certification in the specialty of Orthopedic Surgery.

Component 1 | Active Licensure

AOA board-certified physicians must hold a valid, active license to practice medicine in one of the 50 states. In addition, physicians are required to adhere to the AOA’s Code of Ethics.

Component 2 | Lifelong Learning/Continuing Medical Education 

The AOA encourages, but as of July 21, 2016, does not require, all members to earn 120 credits over a three year cycle, of which 30 CME credits should be recorded in AOA Category 1-A. The remaining credits may be accumulated in any category: 1-A, 1-B, 2-A or 2-B. This amount should satisfy most state licensing and AOA Specialty Board requirements.

AOBOS board certified diplomates must earn a minimum of 50 CME credits (Category 1 or 2) in Orthopedic Surgery. For AOBOS diplomates holding a subspecialty certification, a minimum of 13 of the 50 credits must be earned in your subspecialty area.

Component 3 | Cognitive Assessment

Those surgeons who have been certified BEFORE 1994 may take the OCC Examination, on a voluntary basis, at any time. 

Those surgeons who were certified in 1994 or AFTER were issued a TEN-YEAR certificate and will be required to take the OCC Cycle prior to the expiration of their certificate. AN OCC EXAMINATION WILL BE REQUIRED EVERY TEN (10) YEARS.

The OCC Examination questions come from the general orthopedic question pool, but are oriented more toward the clinical practice of Orthopedics. There are no basic science and very few tumor questions. At this time, the AOBOS does not offer a review course. If you wish, you are encouraged to attend other Orthopedic review courses around the country. AN EXCELLENT METHOD OF PREPARATION IS TO STUDY THE MOST CURRENT ORTHOPEDIC KNOWLEDGE UPDATE. Greater detail of the exam is available through the Handbook for Candidates for Osteopathic Continuous Certification.

Click here to apply online.

Component 4 | Practice Performance Assessment & Improvement

The AOBOS requires one 1 PPA per each 3-year CME cycle (each PPA is worth 10 1B CME credits). PPA's can be completed via the www.osteopathic-cat.com website.  In lieu of a PPA, physicians may attest to participation in quality improvement activities at their facility. Attestations do not earn CME credit but will fulfill the Component 4 requirement.  Visit the Physician Portal to read the Attestation FAQ and to complete the Attestation Form.

Component 5 | Continuous AOA Membership

By maintaining AOA membership and adhering to the AOA’s Code of Ethics, board-certified physicians strengthen their commitment to lifelong learning through continuous education.

Visit the Physician Portal to check your standing for each OCC Component and to obtain a CME report.


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