HIPAA Explanation

In the Handbook for Candidates for Board Certification, the AOBOS provides a “Statement for Hospital Administrators and Medical Records Directors Regarding Clinical Examinations” that explains our Part III Clinical Examination. The AOBOS considers this process to be peer review, and guarantees patient confidentiality.

However, since the passage of the HIPAA legislation, you may find your hospital administrators require additional patient protection. The two methods of satisfying this requirement are either the establishment of a formal Business Associate Agreement or obtaining individual Patient Authorization forms for each surgery you perform.

A Business Associate Agreement is a formal document established between the AOBOS and the hospital, guaranteeing the confidentiality of patient records. A similar arrangement may be required between the AOBOS and the Clinical Examiners which travel onsite for your chart review and surgery observation.

A Patient Authorization form is an agreement with each individual patient included in your review process giving the AOBOS permission to review their record for the purpose of your examination.

For most situations, the Business Associate Agreement should fulfill the legal requirements. If you want to be safe, we encourage you to routinely obtain Patient Authorization forms for every surgery you perform that will be included in your log.

The AOBOS, working with the AOA legal department, has developed these documents, which are available to download off our website, www.aobos.org. We encourage you to carefully read all the HIPAA documents on this website so you can familiarize yourself with the process. Please read all the HIPAA documents on our website.[see the HIPAA DOCUMENTS links in the gold box at the top of this page]

Should a Business Associate Agreement be necessary, your hospital administrator needs to submit a request to us in writing so we will have the necessary information to complete the documents. Although this is a legal agreement between the AOBOS and the hospital, ultimately it is your responsibility to see it is completed so your examination can be performed. Please be sure to assist the AOBOS and your administrator as necessary!


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