CME Credits

AOBOS CME Activities:

A substantial portion of your CME credits can be earned through activities involving the AOBOS. The category of credits earned through the AOBOS are Category 1-B.

The AOA requires 120 CME credit hours for each 3-year calendar period. A maximum of 90 credits of the total requirement may be earned under Category 1-B.

Category 1-B includes, "conducting and developing certifying board examinations". In general, one hour of credit is given for each hour of involvement.

The following are guidelines for the amount of CME credit that can be earned.

I. Test Writing Committee

Written Questions: 1 hr./question (20hrs/yr.)
Oral Question: 3hr/question (6hrs/yr)
Committee Meeting Variable, depends on the length of meeting. (This is the credit earned for the annual meeting to review and edit these test questions)

II. Examinations:

A. Oral Exam 10 hours
B. Clinical Exam 10 hours/exam

REF: "Continuing Medical Education Guide",
American Osteopathic Association Continuing Medical Education Guide for Physicians 2007-2009.
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