I know I must be Board Eligible to sit for the Part II Oral Exam; do I have to have my Board Eligibility approved before I can apply for the Oral Examination?

A: Board Eligibility is automatic when the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics notifies the AOBOS of your 'training complete' status.


What are the dates for next year’s examinations?

A: Check the Calendar of Events section of the AOBOS website for the current schedule of AOBOS examinations.


Can I pay the examination application fee with a credit card?

A: Yes, you can complete the examination application and pay by VISA or MasterCard on the AOBOS website.


On the Surgical Log template, what do PI and Case # stand for?

A: PI stands for Patient Initials and Case # is the Medical Record number the clinical examiners will use to tie cases they select for review to the cases presented at the time of the chart review.


What mortalities do I need to report in my surgical log?

A: Any mortality occurring within 30 days of surgery during your surgical log reporting period must be reported.


My PA does my H&Ps. Am I meeting the Part III examination requirements?

A: No, it is imperative that the medical record reflects the active participation of the candidate. Documents including, but not limited to, the history and physical exam, daily progress notes, consults, operative reports, pre-op/post-op orders, and discharge summaries MUST reflect the candidate’s personal involvement. Countersigned notes authored by house officers, residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, etc. are not substitutes nor do they satisfy this requirement.

If H&Ps are done by other physicians, the candidate must duplicate that process to show his/her involvement in the case and management of decisions. The candidate physician must have personal documentation that he/she has done a pre-op evaluation and documented the rationale for surgery. If necessary, the candidate physician can attach an addendum to the chart explaining his/her pre-op evaluation, diagnosis and indications outlining the patient treatment plan.


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