Military Service

The AOBOS recognizes the sacrifices made by our military personnel and will make special accommodations for the certification process whenever possible. These accommodations are not necessarily automatic, and we require any specific requests to be submitted in writing with an explanation of the circumstances.

These accommodations are primarily intended for military personnel assigned to active duty overseas:

  • The 12-24 month collection period for surgical logs for Part III clinical examination can be adjusted.
  • The 200 major case requirement for surgical logs can be adjusted.
  • Meeting attendance can be modified/waived by the AOAO, which would require direct petition to the AOAO central office
  • CME requirements can be modified/waived by the AOA, which would require direct petition to the AOA
  • Special arrangements can be made to view electronic records. Keep in mind, the AOBOS will need to review records of cases that are submitted in the log. The candidate must maintain these records as geographic assignments change. The AOBOS will accept hard copy, or electronic records. If electronic records are used, the candidate should store them in a standard file format recognized on all computers, and be prepared to provide a viewing mechanism for the examiners.
  • Onsite examinations can be arranged for overseas locations, at no charge beyond the standard exam fee.
  • There are no exam fee reductions for military personnel. However, veterans may be eligible for certification expense reimbursement.

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