Fellowship Issues

Relationship with Certification

Post graduate Orthopedic subspecialty Fellowships have no relationship with primary certification in Orthopedic Surgery by the AOBOS.

The AOBOS has no role in accreditation, monitoring or approval of any Fellowships.

Logging Cases from your Fellowship

The cases you do in your Fellowship are technically not yours so they cannot be used toward your Part III Clinical Exam. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to log your cases for the benefit of the AOBOS and your certification.

The primary reason for logging cases would be for credentialing and surgical privileging purposes at your local hospital when you go into practice.

An additional reason to log your cases might be for purposes of accreditation of your Fellowship.

Subspecialty Certification

Certification by the AOBOS is for general Orthopedic Surgery ONLY. No subspecialty "certification" exists at this time.

A Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) is available in Hand Surgery via a separate examination. Requirements and applications are available on our HandCAQ page. This is not available for any other subspecialties.

Board Eligibility

The time taken by your Fellowship uses up an equal portion of the time of Board Eligibility, which expires on 12/31 of the 6th year following graduation from your Orthopedic Residency. By petitioning the AOBOS, it is possible to obtain a 2 year extension of Board Eligibility. See further information on our Board Eligibility page.

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